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A. Low Lock in Period

B. Earn Higher Return

C. Tax Free Return

D. No Annual Commitment

Product Return % Per Annum Tax Free Return Lock-in Period in Years
ELSS ( Equity Linked Savings Scheme) 12-15% Yes 3 Years
ULIP ( Unit Linked Insurance Plan) 10-12% Yes 5 Years
Tax Savings Fixed deposit 7% Taxable 5 Years
Life Insurance 5-6% Yes 5-30Years
NSC National Savings Certificates 8% Taxable 5 Years
PPF Public Provident Fund 7.75% Yes 15 Years

Last 5 Years ELSS category return is more than 18% Per Annum

Fund Name Past Performance ( %) Investment Made On 1st Jan 2015 Value As On 31 Dec 2017
1 Year 3 Year 5 Year
Aditya Birla Sun Life Tax Relief 96 (G) 19.64 18.14 21.49 ₹ 150,000 ₹242,336
Axis Long Term Equity (G) 16.53 14.96 22.34 ₹ 150,000 ₹217,378
DSP Blackrock Tax Saver (G) 16.57 16.57 20.84 ₹ 150,000 ₹236,799
Reliance Tax Saver Fund (G) 20.31 13.54 21.41 ₹ 150,000 ₹219,055

NB: Returns over 1 year are annualized

Tax saving in ELSS funds

Investment made up to ₹1.5lacs in Tax-saving ELSS Mutual funds is eligible for tax deductions under Section 80 C.

Lock–in Period

Investment made in ELSS is locked for 3 years from the date of investment.

ELSS Invests in Equity

ELSS Mutual Fund schemes invest in individual equity stocks of companies in equity market.

SIP or Lump sum

You can invest in ELSS in Lump sum or as SIP, the lock in starts from the date of investment.

Tax Saving

When you invest in ELSS mutual funds, the amount you've invested gets reduced from your taxable income. So if you invest ₹.1,50,000, and if you are on the highest slab, your taxes payable go down by ₹.46,350.

Last Date

The last day for making an ELSS investment is 31st March 2018 to avail tax exemption for financial year 2017-18, and produce the proofs of investment.